You can get Sky in France either through a Broadband TV receiver or via a standard satellite dish.
  You can get Sky either via Broadband or via a satellite dish. For the first reception option the quality of your internet connexion is all important. This is 100 % legal reception solution and is aimed at frequent British travellers. You get all important sky channels Live such as Sports and Movies. Some conditions apply: You must open the viewing account in the UK and pay via a UK credit card. To use the service in France you must connect to your account at least once every 37 days from inside the UK to reset the counter! (this is necessary so sky knows you are back home and does not consider you as a permanent resident abroad) There is no need of a VPN, it works directly with all major ISP such as Orange, FREE, SFR, etc.
And for the second solution the satellite dish in France may vary from 50 cm in the north to 140 cm in the South of France near the Spanish border. You may also use hidden dishes in the North of France such as the FlatMagic. This kind of antenna works well for Sky when you are located North of Orleans.
To be sure to make the right choice ask for our documentation which includes prices and channel list  and subscription conditions. Installation help is available throughout France.
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