uk live tv FAQs 
english-tv-dot What do I need to get started? I need UK Freesat channels without installing a dish
You can have in your french home (or elsewhere) all UK freeview channels - BBCs, ITVs, CH4, Five etc at a small monthly cost of EUR 14.95/month. Of course you must check first your download speed before purchase. See a mesuring tool at the bottom of this page.
english-tv-dot   My ISP is Orange, will this work with it?
 Yes, the HD UK Broadband receiver works with Orange Liveboxes, It also works with all other providers such as, SFR, Numericable, Bbox etc.
english-tv-dot  Are there any cables to be run?
 No, This receiver can work via Wifi, cables are not obligatory but exist as an option.
english-tv-dotIs it easy to connect  myself?
Yes, pretty easy, you have to connect just one cable (provided) into the Livebox and an HDMI cable (provided) to your HD screen.
english-tv-dotWhat channels do I get?
The channel list includes 55 UK Freeview channels - BBC public television, all ITV channels, CH Four, Five etc.  For the complete list of channels request our full documentation HERE. 
english-tv-dotCan I watch two different channels  in two different rooms?
Yes, this is possible, However this requires two receivers. 
english-tv-dotCan I record?
Yes, this receiver allows recording as an option.
english-tv-dotCan I have Catch Up TV and Replay TV?
No, but you can record the program you want. On demand movies and shows are available.
english-tv-dotIf for some reason I don't like the receiver, can I return it?
If for any reason you are not satisfied we will take it back, Please e-mail for conditions.
english-tv-dotMy internet speed is poor. What can I do?
We can still help the satellite way. E-mail us with your postal code. We need it to determine the  dish size and advise you better. Partner installers are available in almost any part of France..