Why pay monthly fees for channels which are normally free-to-air?
  Connect the UK Broadband  Set Top Box to your ADSL or fiber  ISP Box  and to your HD TV screen via the HDMI cable (provided) that's it, you're ready to watch your favorite TV series!

To receive UK TV channels in your home you DO NOT need a satellite dish, this technology  works with internet  and the  digital receiver  is as easy as just plugging it in. The set top box works on low internet speeds however the higher you have the better.

We recommend at least 3 Mbits. You will receive for free 55 Live UK TV Channels instantly along with catch up TV  movies, TV series and shows on demand classics and  UK radio channels.
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for detailed channel list and prices and other details.

Watch UK TV channels direct to your TV with the new Broadband non-subscription UK TV  Set Top Box, comes with  remote controller Power Supply, HDMI cable, ethernet cable, 

Catch-up TV is available on many programmes up to 7 days, this means that if you miss your favorite UK TV show you can simply go back to when it was on and watch it. No need to set a timer or record as this box has multiple programms already pre-recorded - Replay TV.

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