UK HD Broadband subscription receiver for the english FreeView TV channels

uk tv broadband HD receiver

Never miss again your favorite UK TV series in France

When the question comes to get english live TV channels in France the choice is between a broadband "dish free" HD TV reciever, satellite Freesat  reception  or web streaming TV online services.

The Broadband receiver is growing in popularity as the UK TV satellite signal is only strong in the Northern part of France (a small 50 cm dish is all you need) but down in the South of France near the Spanish border a big 130 cm dish is necessary to receive correctly the BBC channels.
BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub are just two examples of great online services provided by the UK TV channels.
They give you access to all the excellent content you’re used to getting in front of your television, but are also supposed to keep you connected when you’re travelling.

Or so they should.

The problem is, if you go travelling outside the UK, or choose to live abroad for a while, they make it very difficult to stay connected.
These services are geo-restricted, meaning only people currently in the UK can access them.
The solution is this new technology HD TV receiver which gives you all UK Freeview TV channels, your favorite series straight to your TV screen in France or  Spain or wherever you have access to decent internet. And the most important - it is totaly legal. This is the perfect TV receiver for the holiday home in France when you  want to pay only for the time you stay there! It is easy to turn on and off the service through your online account. No annual engagement! Ideal also for rental properties so visitors can have access to some live british tv durring their stay. Find out more, ask for our documentation here which includes full details, channel lists, prices and other useful information to help you choose the right for your needs TV system.

                english tv in France

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Turn the service ON and OFF as you go. A small Monthly fee guarantees you stable and quality picture.

 This is a new technology receiver and the  result is a twice faster connexion and perfect picture even at low speeds ...

How can I be sure it will work for me?

To avoid dissapointment you must mesure first your real internet speed.  A good site to do this is available  here. Press the GO button and if you depass the 3 Mb/sec in download speed your home is eligible for free english TV in France!  Find out more ...

And what if I don't have good internet? (or no internet at all?)

We have a couple of satellite solutions for you which do not require internet so you can still enjoy Freesat UK TV in France.  Find out more ...

Did you know this can also work for carte bis tv ?

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